Adidasshorts review of FullBlitz

Thank you to Bob for choosing me to review FullBlitz. The initial post said it was a small serving tub however they sent me a FULL tub which was not expected at all!

So I had the chance to use VasoBlitz so I had an idea of what to expect in regards to pump. Adding the additional stims, dmae etc just make this a solid pwo without a bunch of ingredients. I am one that prefers less ingredients at efficacious doses.

So let’s start with measuring a scoop. The scoop itself weights almost 4g. So using a full scoop measures like below.

So a full two scoop serving is actually less than level scoops. After scraping off the top, I emptied a small amount making about 7/8 of the scoop which measured out perfectly.

Mixing was easy. I don’t use a shaker bottle for anything other than protein. In my opinion, you should be able to mix these powders without a shaker ball. This mixed up perfectly.

The flavor I received is called Rainbow Candy. It’s very light, nothing too strong or overpowering. I used barely 10oz of water. It’s a flavor that’s what I would consider a null one. Not amazing and not bad. It’s there and more than fine for something I am downing. It’s hard for me to pinpoint an exact type of flavor. My first thought was like a highly dialed down skittles I guess.

Today was a push day for me so bench, presses etc are what I was working. My diet was sound. Carb intake was above average. Most of my carbs came from the two bagel sandwiches I had this morning along with a large serving of chili lunch which had corn and two types of beans in it. I did use some HBCD during my workout as well. Water intake was around 80oz prior to training. I consume around 32oz during training as well.

I had decent energy, nothing crazy but I don’t need nor use exotic stims anymore. So it worked well for me. Only thing I could tell is the Y amount is non existing imo. I know Y really well and have a high tolerance to it. It’s one that I know when it’s in there but I couldn’t tell. Still, Energy was good. And I guess maybe my Y tolerance is too high now.

Focus was there, nothing amazing. Not a zoned it or dialed in feeling but with dmae and caffeine, I don’t get that. I know many do so this is just my experience.

Pump is noticeable once you get that workout going. It’s probably the strongest point of this pre and I respond extremely well to l-citrulline and nitrates. With my decent carb intake and lots of water, this was no surprise. Great pump and vascularity.

So this is my first thoughts at last acutely. I will use them more and update this review as I go and try it repeatedly. I used VasoBlitz for a week straight and noticed more on that last use or two.

Do 4/6oz not 10 will come out a lot more flavor wise

Cmon bruh you know me
Go big or go home :slight_smile:

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10oz for two scoops hoss :wink: I figured that was good. I’ll try 6oz for two.

Aye thought you did one
Try 6-8 it’s not super overblown with flavor like some ore workouts that are too strong which turn customers away

Mess around you have plenty of doses to use :slight_smile:


I used this for a fasted workout early this morning. It was a pull day so pull-ups, bent over rows, curls etc.

I found that the pump effect was less but I would expect that. Energy was good, I wasn’t tired by any means. I was alert and focused.

Water intake was 8oz of water with the pwo. I drank about 16oz around 5am and again at 7a. I drank 32oz between sets and with some HBCD.

Tomorrow I will use it fasted as well however will make some changes. I will drink 15-30g of carbs prior and at least 15g during. I’ll add some HSS to the morning carbs for some sodium.

Was just about to say add a dash of sea salt to your fasted morning pre. HUGE difference! Great update.

So update time

I took a day off from the gym on Monday due to some food poisoning. I was very dehydrated so it makes sense to rest, hydrate before going back in.

I used 1 scoop of FB and 1 scoop of VasoBlitz for last night upper session.

So this was I felt better from a pump and vascular standpoint. Pumps were really nice and better than 2 scoops of FullBlitz. This doesn’t surprise me because the stims were less and common sense says vasoconstriction/vasodilation at the same time competes. Energy was good enough for an early evening workout and it had no effect on my sleep (although stims never do).

Now I will say, I was really really hydrated. And I mean I consumed a ton of liquids and electrolytes over the past few days so take that into consideration.

*2nd update

I used two scoops of FullBlitz this morning for a *gasp fasted leg workout.

I did this true fasted. No carbs prior, no calories prior. However in prep for leg day, my dinner last night after my workout was heavy in carbs. I did knock out some sodium with this as well.

Energy was noticeably stronger than the first time I used it fasted. I was more alert by far. I can’t say whether it’s the pwo or not. I sleep pretty well and I was well rested. So I woke up with purpose this morning.

I know many pump products cause problems with leg day but I didn’t experience this. They get pain etc but I don’t get this. But then again I don’t crazy with pump ingredients on leg day. This worked well, not too much and I didn’t want more.

All in all, 2 great workouts

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If you train Fasted I would consider adding a dash of sea salt prior to training just to help with the pump aspects. good to hear that the 1/1 treated you really well I find that’s my best dosing for energy and for pumps. I know a lot of others that are logging on another board find that to be the same as well

Sodium water and carbs are a hell of a drug to make a non stim work well!

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Any chance for an update or a final review?

Yeah man. I used it a few times lw but didn’t post. I will be using it maybe one workout this week and will post up.

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