A1 Plus+ Supplements Bring Affordable Basics Back to A1 Supplements

Originally published at: A1 Plus+ Supplements Bring Affordable Basics Back to A1 Supplements

Anyone that’s ever used PricePlow knows and loves A1 Supplements, one of the longest-standing and most-trusted e-commerce supplement stores on the internet. Anyone who knows supplements knows A1 Supplements! Now get to know their A1 Plus+ Brand! A1 has made a huge difference thanks to their impeccable customer service, fast… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Counter point, instead of getting that preworkout get any other low stim pre.

I get the idea but its so low dosed that it would have to be well under 50 cents a serving to be worth it.

Honestly the other good deals/products in their store kind of make these seem pretty pointless.

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Completely agree. Not sure any of these are a good deal. Why not find something on clearance? I get own-branded products may have higher profit margin but cmon, don’t act like you’re saving the world by selling a basic pre workout for $35

That pre workout looks like shit. I would of thought @Mike you would have called that out.

It’s a sponsored post

Err okay…

When money and a relationship with a major business partner is on the line, it’s a rare person who will be brutally honest.

Not saying I agree with it, my personal morals include honesty above all else, but that’s how it goes.

Ya, I do see allot of leniency when it comes to these sponsored post. I am fine with it as long as its disclosed and he doesn’t mind the comments tearing it a new one.


“A1 Plus+ does them a huge favor with this pre – it gives them their three basic ingredients, flavors it, and provides the scoop. No more tinkering!”


Maybe to you, but I know plenty of people (especially older folks) who don’t want 6 different stimulants and a freaky amount of beta alanine. Just a light NO boosting pre that they get on BOGO while buying their protein at A1.

I wouldn’t have done the post if I didn’t see a benefit for some people.

I think you guys fail to see that not every person is in your same demographic. But with that said I think this needs to be a supplement they toss into big orders for free or run on perpetual BOGO.

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To get three ingredients at low doses and charge $35 is ridiculous. Regardless of age. Perpetually on bogo or giveaway? Okay I can agree with that.


Without even looking at the post nor the label I can tell you that this is a great point by you Mike. At age 50 now (I know, I know, I look 35), I just need enough to get me going…‘lower dosed’ is not a problem for me at all.

This is a good use of it, its not an amazing value even bogo but its better.

The first impression of it was a preworkout with less then 4$ worth of ingredients selling for over 1$ per serving on the justification that it was simple.
I can understand its appeal but this isn’t a niche that is low on options, and almost all of them are a better value.

If they are going to be throwing it in randomly with other stuff then that’s a nice addition, but as a full 35$ product this is very weak.

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Great, so look at the label and let us know if you would buy it. Knowing all the options out there for the same price

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I just checked amazon’s preworkout is a straight upgrade to this.


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I was just thinking about that, couldn’t remember which brand it was though. Good call

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1/2 scoop a better product and save the money for happy meals


Smart man right here…

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What product is that Dan…