A1 Plus+ Supplements Bring Affordable Basics Back to A1 Supplements

Haven’t seen micronized L-Citrulline before, how much does that improve its absorption?

That’s the elite version of the Own Pwr pre. $10 more, so a buck per serving


@SteelerBill13 Amazon’s OWN PWR Elite vs A1+ Preworkout

@Msseffect I don’t know of any literature showing that it enhances absorption, it’ll be converted to arginine in the kidneys either way. Marketing

And here’s the OWN PWR regular version for comparison.

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I would typically (not that you asked) go with a company I know and trust…so not sure I would give either of those a shot at this point.

a company as big as Amazon, would have a lot to lose by not meeting label claim, i’d feel confident in trusting their labels

so…was this A1 pre-wo formulated by the guys at black skull?

brb need 2 scoops to get the appreciable L-Citrulline dosage, but 2 scoops only gives 2/3 of the proven MINIMUM dose of beta alanine, and would bring with it 350mg of caffeine…all while giving you a total of 15 workouts in total.

I want to like supplements and the companies who make them so badly, but then we’re treated to this stuff. it’s really hard to be like “hey guys way to go!” when these are the formulas. Help us help you. Come on.

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if i recall the label correctly, you can buy Animal Fury (for example) for $29.99 and 1/2 scoop (so 60 servings) it and have a superior product (equal at the very least).

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Not to be misunderstood - big Amazon Prime Family here - but would defer to
‘supplement’ companies that have been doing this for awhile.

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I would argue that Amazon is so big that they don’t have anything to lose at all.

if you are a labz and don’t meet label claim, it’s easy to pack it up… Amazon has the $$$ and reputation to protect.

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True, but at the same time, look at all the bad press Amazon’s gotten recently - hasn’t hurt their bottom line at all. That’s the angle I’m looking at it from. Could go either way! You’re not wrong, we’re just looking at it from different angles. :slight_smile:


You might as well put on this shirt if that’s your argument. That’s the same response you get from these guys when you ask them about their overpriced/ underdosed products. I know you know your audience better than that