A quick review of Celsius heat

If a green tea taste/after taste is a deal breaker for you avoid this.
That is all.

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Taste like green tea, or green tea extract?

Cause I love green tea, but GTE brings me right to the brink of ralphin’.

Their Orangesicle, Apple Jack3d, and Blueberry are all TOP tier
Cherry Lime, Dragon Fruit, and Tangerine are not bad, but not my favorites off their line.

Don’t judge the energy drink off one flavor because the Green tea is in their regular drinks not their “heat” series.

You had this

and to be honest that is the #1 selling flavor for Celsius. I know pharmacies that buy it 10-15 cases at a time.

I think green tea, I am not too experienced with it to be honest but I was not a fan of the blueberry pomegranate.

There is green tea extract in the heat series, bottom of the metaplus prop blend.

Also, you are a rep for campusprotein right?
You are supposed to join the company’s group as listed in rule 1 for company reps.

I saw these drinks in Menard’s. They didn’t interest me enough to buy one.

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Blueberry pomegranate is my jam so I caved and bought one when GNC gave a 20% off any one item coupon.

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Green tea as an ingredient does not = Green TeA as a flavor which I thought you were alluding to. Celsius is made as a fatloss energy drink (hence the formula). I personally love blueberry same with Apple Jack3d and Orange Cream in the heat series. in the OG Series the green tea is a massive seller and a favorite among the crowd. If you check their social media its what they mostly hold in their pictures and promote. Most people are addicted to carbonation hence why they buy bang and other energy drinks. This is just a different spin off without it. So for some they love it, for some they hate it.

Have you tried the Green Tea in the regular series!? What other flavors have you tried!?

The green tea extract does come across in the flavor, as well as the ginger on the blueberry pom, which to be clear I was not a fan of even though I like blueberry pom as a flavor. I was unaware of there being a green tea flavor, but in the non-green tea flavors I tried do taste green tea/ginger.

I believe I tried a different one of a different series but I forget the flavor, I do remember the taste being off due to the meta plus blend.

If you don’t mind the taste/after taste the ginger and green tea gives it that’s fine, I personally don’t like it which is why I gave the advice. My flavor preferences are sadly rockstar’s green apple, which has a lot of sugar, but an amazing balance of tart and sweet.

Well comparing a sugary rockstar to a 0 sugar drink is comparing apples to oranges. One has a boatload of calories and one is calorie free.
I can go eat a pint of ice cream that has 100g of sugar, but if I go eat halo top or enlightened its going to taste like piss.

Again Celsius was made as a fatloss drink with those ingredients , some people enjoy, some don’t. Case and point here… Stick to Bang, C4, C4 Ultimate, Rockstar, or Monsters for your liking.