A Male Birth Control Supplement?! Maybe. Meet Gendarussa

A Male Birth Control Supplement?! Maybe. Meet Gendarussa


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Male Birth Control?! Male Birth Control?! Maybe. For far too long, the women of our world have been downing all sorts of hormonal concoction to prevent unwanted births. What if there was another way? The societal game-changer of a true male birth control is hard to fathom, but one way… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Meh, I got snipped. Easiest $500 I ever spent. Of course, it ain’t [easily or cheaply] reversible.


Just pull out, it’s pretty easy


Getting condoms that fit your size, if its uncomfortable find a bigger one.
Or wait a few years for the better options to be approved.


What’s a condom?


I think its some sort of fake dominatrix


It feels so good not to pullout


Then you can’t complain when something actually comes out :slight_smile:


Been there done that lol wife got the op after the second


L.M.F.A.O…I just died after reading this