A few questions

A few questions

Anyone knows how much saturated fat is really bad for you?

Also, I became disappointed last night as I found these sausage links I recently bought had 1 carb in it, hahah. I’m trying to go carnivore- except for occasional 0 carb protein drinks. What would 1 carb really do to someone who’s voided there body of carbs for 4 days? I think this is important for the eventual meals at restaurants and what not.


Nothing. Most people stay in ketosis by eating up to 20-40g of carbs.

Generally they come from veggies or fruit, but 1g of carb is nothing and will not effect your ketosis.

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How much saturated fat is debatable. I don’t sweat it, personally.

1 carb in the sausages won’t mess you up unless you have severe insulin resistance (you’d have to be full on type 2, but still wouldn’t be an issue I’m sure) . Even then, in the context of a day, 1 carb is nothing, even on keto. I still generally avoid meat products that contain carbs where there is no point for them (jerky, deli meat) , but they are necessary as a binder in sausages and such.


Ah, I see. Yeah I’m not on keto strictly, but I was told carnivor would eventually put me in ketosis.


Anyone familiar with quest bars? It says 5 net carbs on the front, yet the label on back says 25 total carbs… what’s really in there ? Anyone know?


Carnivore is definitely keto. ketosis is managed by the lack of carbohydrates in the diet (loosely speaking). Protein can impact ketosis, but not for most folks (except Mike :cry:)

Some of the “fibers” can still be digestible; so this is a debated topic. However, even if they might not be, they can cause gut distress for a lot of folks. I try to avoid bars, but in a pinch I keep the Costco Kirkland protein bars handy. They are quite tasty and low carb. Put them in the microwave for 10 seconds and it tastes just like a brownie or cookie dough

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If you are concerned with one gram of carb from a sausage, then something like a Quest bar should be one of the last things on your mind IMO.


:laughing: true. My issue currently is legalism I guess. I really wanted to stay 0 carb for at least a month. I love quest and put them on hold right now. I have one bar left that I’m going to give to my wife, but when I read the label( because that’s all I do now that I’m doing cani/ zero carb, I saw the carb content confusion.

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What does protein do to ketosis?


I believe he might be referring to gluconeogenesis

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Protein can cause a strong insulin response in some folks, temporarily knocking them out of ketosis. Gluconeogenesis from consumed proteins (versus endogenous) has limited research, but this study suggests only a little bit of it goes through gluconeogenesis.

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I went to the doctor and he calculated everything for me. Now I know my norm. I advise everyone to do the same.