30 min a day - enough?

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I am not like you ! I can’t seem to exercise without taking at least 2 days off during the week. Working out every day is too harsh on my body. The most I can do is exercise 2 days in a row, but then I have to take one day off. That’s my body - what can I do…

So, with this in mind, what I am doing now (trying to lose 25 lbs) is early morning workouts, 30-40 min each, rotating cardio (intermediate level) with weights. I try to max out my 30 min so I get a good workout for my level.

I try to eat about 1500 calories (although I tend to eat more on weekends).

Is my plan going to be sufficient for weight loss ? Any improving suggesstions ?

Thanks for the advice

Need more info to fill holes …

Why early morning? How early? How much sleep do you get?

Why 25lbs? How much do you weigh now? Height?

Tell us more about your actual workouts and what they consist of…
I have a hard time immediately believing that you can’t workout a little more frequently unless there’s an external factor like life, food, work, workout programming or sleep… Unless there’s something you’re not being straightforward about.


Not knowing anything about you or your size, 1500 cals for most people seems low to start.