Your thoughts on Yohimbe? [POLL]

Your thoughts on Yohimbe? [POLL]

Hey guys. I’m curious and just wanted to see how many of you have used yohimbe in one way or another (yohimbine, alpha-y I.E. rauwolscine, etc.) and your thoughts on it as an ingredient. It’s surprisingly included in a lot of formulas these days even with its negative reputation for some individuals.

  • Tolerate and enjoy it
  • Tolerate, indifferent
  • Cannot tolerate, indifferent
  • Cannot tolerate and hate it

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Voted 2 different options because it seems to vary with me.

PreCreXS and SOME batches of Re1gn, for example, give me great energy, appetite suppression, and an “alphamale” feeling.

Other PWOs with alpha Y (and the OTHER batches of Re1gn) give me nausea, cold sweats, and bad crashes.

Regular ol yohimbine HCL is always welcome in my pantry though

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Interesting that even on the same product, different batches made you respond differently. I know that the ingredient in Re1gn was under some scrutiny as a cousin of yohimbe but no one was really sure on the exact chemistry.

Agreed on the regular Y-HCl, I’m a fan.


I have only ever tried one product and it was in a prop blend labeled as Yohimbie. The product was Shredder- TBN Labs, and the sides were just insane from it! Shady company though, but it was enough to keep me away from trying any form of Yohimbine again! Maybe I never gave it a fair shake, but whatever!


Nope, sure didn’t. Especially since other stims can cause similar sides as well


Try a product that has it in a light amount.

After trying both for a while normal Y can be handled pretty well with moderate/high caffeine, when you get to really high doses(past 20MG) you do need stuff to cut down the edge for it to be enjoyable.

With alpha Y I find it is allot more intense, with 3 mg being unplesent with anything more then an energy drink’s worth of caffeine if you aren’t used to it, and have something to smooth the edge.

Both of them are excellent when fasting an extended period, and have a light amount in a preworkout gives it a nice aggressiveness.

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Ive tried it and felt nothing. :slight_smile:

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