Yes, Your Urine Color DOES Have Meaning

Water: the essential nutrient of all life on earth. Without it, you wither away a die just like an unwatered bed of flowers. With it though, you can live a long, happy, and healthy life (provided you’re also eating your vegetables). We’ve all been in the bathroom on occasion and …
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What about the effect of multivitamins? When I take animal paks or Controlled labs multivitamins, it doesn't seem to matter how much water I drink, my urine is still yellow.

I think that is a very valid point you make and probably should be included with this article. I take a multivitamin and since they are higher in Vitamin B2 than my body can use my urine will significantly colored despite being well hydrated.

I have the same issue. However, when you do consume a lot of multivitamins, the color of your urine should be a bright yellow. Similar to the color of a highlighter. According to the chart, that should be closer to #4. You should be worried if the color becomes a dark yellow or brown.