Xtend Pro Cookie Butter - $14.99

Xtend Pro Cookie Butter - $14.99

Pickup only


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Saw this. Also grabbed 4 cases of C4 for $65 total. Free shipping.

Weird - theyre doing it on Amazon too… except there is obviously the option for delivery. Haha.

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Great price just wasn’t crazy about the flavor

Peanut Butter with a different name. Probably why it’s on sale, not what people were expecting


I beta tested a churro flavor before it was released and it was much better then the cookie butter. I wish they would of released that one. I thought the cookie butter was way too faint.

Give me chocolate or vanilla all day from xtend pro

I noticed the Xtend Pro fluid recommendations aren’t great.

I opt for 8oz per serving versus the recommended 10-12. Way more concentrated PB flavor if you do less water. With 1.5 scoops and 12oz of water, it’s a great PB flavor!

Cinnamon taste to it? That would be worth trying

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I take it you have no idea what a churro is if you are asking that question LOL


I do and the ones I’ve had have cinnamon on them

Then you answered your own question

That’s a funny way of saying ‘yes’

There must be something in the Water in Pittsburgh…

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A bad football team does that to a man

Says the guy who can’t ship the right products :slight_smile:

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It’s the lead. I should preface my reviews with lead added. But the man has had churros. I say bill was confused cause a Steelers team doing nothing is enough to make a man crazy. But end of year Steelers in playoffs. You heard it here first

I must be crazy, i loved the taste when I tried a sample pack.

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It’s my favorite protein on the market right now.
The stevia is awesome for me.


I like this cookie butter flavor as well, downed 2 5# tubs

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