Win Whiskey and Cola THE GRIND from Seth Feroce's Axe & Sledge!

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Axe & Sledge is back with another contest straight from Seth Feroce — and this time we’re looking for Hydration and intra workout muscle-building support from EAAs and BCAAs. Day in, day out, you grind to make gains. So don’t let catabolism or deficient mineral status get to you! Enter… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Seth has quickly become my favorite personality in the community. Fingers crossed

If it was just cola flavored, I would be interested. I hate whiskey so this would be terrible for me.

A little of him goes a long way. I get tired of all his cussing and Im tough and dont give a “.uck” all the time. It gets old to be honest.

That’s also true, moderation is key. As much as I loved the podcast, I’m struggling to get through them after 12 or so. It’s definitely getting old fast

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Whiskey, namely bourbon, is definitely the best spirit, but I’m from the deep south so it may be a cultural thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be. Im not a drinker and never thought alcohol was refreshing or quenching so why on earth would a person want something that tastes like that during a workout ? LOL I guarantee tasting that would be enough to send me over the edge to puking on leg day…lol

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It’s his cliché drink of choice, so it’s for the culture more than anything. I’m sure most people buying it aren’t really expecting much. I was very unimpressed with the aminos of his I tried. Not good flavoring even especially considering the fact they omitted methionine