Win one of 3 tubs of our BRAND NEW ISO-Smooth! New flavors, higher quality

Win one of 3 tubs of our BRAND NEW ISO-Smooth! New flavors, higher quality

Not that it matters but we just launched the 9th flavor of Whey Smooth up here in Canada - Maple Cream. :drooling_face:


fucking hosers


@GymGod or @Adidasshorts Have you tried the Carmel Macchiato ISO Smooth??


Blame him, he is a cawk tease

@SNSJS soon, very soon

Now I want to try that place the next time I am overseas

Haha, just bring the checkbook. And maybe get a 2nd mortgage on your house while you’re at it.

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Yes, it’s the first one I cracked open for personal use.


Well lets hear how it tasted.


Brah… it’s fucking great! :call_me_hand:

I just mix it with water. I know others that make with and/or toss it in their coffee.


That is the flavor I want to try too.

Here is last nights example of a splurge! Home made eggs Bennie (thanks Gordon Ramsay for the hollandaise recipe)

Note the Christmas Cookie ice cream. ; )


Since @Adidasshorts stole my thunder.
Here are some of my top ice cream selections.


This look amazing!!!

The ice cream you post always look amazing. I have this mental block on the shipping for the pints I see from some of the brands. I don’t care about paying $10+ for a pint though.

Ample Hills ships free brother

Highly suggest choose your own story

Nonna D Oatmeal Lace
It Came From Gowanus (best flavor they offer)
Gooey Butter Cake
PB Takes a Dip
Fluffernutter Fudge

Other great flavors:
Snap Mallow Pop
Spider Man
PB Wins the Cup

4 pints for $55? Jeeeeez.

I buy some pints for $9 at the grocery store. I can taste the difference, kind of like steak grades.

Quality comes at a cost
Think about comparing Ghost to Six Star.
There is a reason one is more expensive than the other. (Raw Materials, Flavoring etc)

Same with ice cream and the ingredients & home-made mix-ins, swirls etc…

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Bingo… We could make the analogy for a lot of things. You get what you pay for.

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I’m not digging at anyone who wants to buy it - just too rich for me. But we aren’t talking about health benefits here - it’s ice cream. Sugar and fats either way. Only taste and texture are the real differentiators.

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