Will Donald Trump's FDA Enforce Supplement Laws? NutraBio's Mark Glazier Weighs In

Will Donald Trump's FDA Enforce Supplement Laws? NutraBio's Mark Glazier Weighs In

This video was filmed November 16, 2016 just after the election. It got lost, but we finally recovered the file!

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How much do you love Mark Glazier…the guy is great.


Mark is the Man, and has a serious passion for this industry!



Interesting discussion topic here / not that it hasn’t been discussed…but Trust.

Look at the ‘about’ section of the websites for some of the supplement companies out there - ‘who’ are they. ‘who’ is responsible for formulation etc…? Do you trust what they are producing and what you are putting in your body? I mean hell I’m 49 (I look 25 cough cough kidding)…but I’m not looking to do long-term damage to my body simply to lift 5 more lbs at the gym. I’m not getting ready for the Combine (as much as I have that mentality in the gym)…Give me someone/something I can trust and I’m good.


You’re going to LOVE one of the next videos coming in this series. Hint: it’s actually about tequila manufacturing/distilling.

Lobliner speaks about this a lot - back in the day (50s through 80s or so), people only trusted big corporations. “If it ain’t Sears, I can’t trust it”.

Now it’s nearly the opposite - consumers want to see a face behind the brand. Who are they supporting? Can they trust them? What are they doing with the profits?

The problem with that, at least in the supplement industry, is just because you’re a nice guy on YouTube doesn’t mean your manufacturer isn’t bending you (and your customers) over.

Mark Glazier definitely has both sides of this figured out.

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