Why I'm skeptical about Velositol

Why I'm skeptical about Velositol
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Ok so velositol is a mixture of best I can tell a starch and chromium, which, by improving insulin sensitivity and increasing insulin levels, cause 6 grams of whey protein with 2 grams of velositol to give a increased(doubled) mps response compared to just 6 grams of whey.


This is being used to say it “doubles the power of protein”, The issue is its using a sub optimal dose(which can be used to make a meh result look huge, like with the slimvance study), hasn’t been studied at a normal protein dose, and has no comparison to say 2 grams of maltodextrin and some chromium.

Until a better study looking at a more relevant scenario comes out I think we should assume its effects as 6 grams do not translate to its effect at 25 grams.

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It’s a scam. Add leucine to 6g of protein, higher mps response. Add leucine to plant protein, higher mps response. ADD PROTEIN TO CRAP OR LOW LEUCINE PROTEINS, GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?