Who? Never heard of them? Random supplement(s) companies you have tried

Who? Never heard of them? Random supplement(s) companies you have tried


Random thought occurred to me the other day - but as we all strive to get better and find that ‘edge’ we have I’m sure found or tried supplements from smaller or lesser known companies that aren’t considered mainstream…

I thought I’d list a few that I’ve tried:

Optimum EFX - the same supplements used by James Harrison - founded by his trainer in Arizona - not bad, but expensive for what you get.

At Large Nutrition - Men’s Health did a small write up on their Nitrean protein powder - founded by Powerlifter Chris Mason

Xendurance - Very popular, from what I understand, in the Crossfit community.

Biotest - Not sure if this counts - but liked and used a few of their supplements in the past.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than few.

Talk amongst yourselves


Jacked Factory Pump Surge, pretty good stim free pre workout on Amzom


Rise Performance
Some of the best flavoring systems out there

Similar marketing to Myoblox, supposed to be top-shelf stuff. Personally overpriced in my opinion, but some stuff is decent. Endorsed by my favorite bodybuilder too!

Haven’t tried, but Ulisses’s BioTech USA looks pretty dope as well


I enjoyed Pump Surge too. I signed up for JF’s product testing recently. You get to try new products coming out by paying only a few bucks for shipping. Check it out on their website. I recently got a greens powder and sleep aid supplement in the past few weeks through this. It’s not just samples either, full tubs…


Damn Evogen is part of this?

How is their marketing similar to myoblox? lol


Muscleology- First Stevia sweetened protein I tried a couple years ago and it was delicious. They reformulated and it wasn’t as good last time I tried it.


They market themselves as generally higher-end products like Myoblox tends to. Comes with the higher pricetag despite subpar products


Amazing how many supplement companies are out there.

Can’t wait for PricePlow Pre-Workout to roll out.


A few years ago I took a gamble on a little known company’s jack3d clone, they were the only ones daring to continue using DMAA.
That was Hi-tech’s jacked up, the purest most potent supplements ever produced


Plot twist, it’s a 500mg prop blend headed by taurine


Hell if @CJ helps formulate it watch out…


ehhh @CJ doesn’t even like beta alanine


But the stimulants would be through the roof…Tyrone Biggums would be the first sponsored athlete