White Flash is Controlled Labs' Best Pre-Workout Yet!

White Flash is Controlled Labs' Best Pre-Workout Yet!


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Controlled Labs is on fire lately, and they’re not letting up now. The creators of Purple Wraath recently pulled a major win against Marc Lobliner in the decade-long BCAA vs. EAA war and now they have one of the best nootropic powders we’ve ever tried in Orange Brainwash, and the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Very very interesting / was a fan of theirs ‘back in the day’. I did see that they don’t have BA in the pre But see it is in Purple Wraath. And available on Amazon as well


They need to make it in that bubble gum flavor they had with their white flood pre workout. That tasted good.


not even close, this is the best pre from CL ever.


Have you tried it DougE?


If someone would put all of these ingredients into a stim free pre, that would be great. Everything looks solid and I LOVE Vaso 6.


I have used this twice. It is by far their best pre workout. It doesn’t taste that good though but well dosed products don’t seem to.


How does it compare to other pre’s you have used Shorts?


I would place it above many others, top 5 or so. It’s a well balanced pre at a 15g scoop size. Good focus and energy, pumps are sick.


Hmmm…and from an Endurance perspective…I may need to give it a shot.


Bad ass. They make a lot of great products, it’s nice to see them upping their preworkout game.


I’ll take ‘bad ass’ as a very positive endorsement…checks Amazon


$32, lowest price by a couple bucks currently


Thank God for Amazon Prime - I realize some people hate to read that but it has spoiled me


Granted only one workout in with WhiteFlash - but how much do you love Vaso-6? Wow…


Good time I imagine? Lol


Even better since it’s has a decent dose of l-Citrulline and ag.


Interestingly enough it doesn’t hit you hard but builds through the workout…endurance and strength were definitely there


Workout #2 with WF and I continue to be impressed…Really solid pre-workout.