Which stim pre to stack with Vasoblitz?

Which stim pre to stack with Vasoblitz?

Hey there!

I was wondering which stim pre or stim product to stack with Vasoblitz.

StimMax (3/4 scoop) or Chemix pre (1/2 or 3/4 scoop) are my options but if you guys have a powerful suggestion tell me!

I do not mind exotic stims with the exceptions of dmaa/dmha.

Thank you!

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Strong and only stim? Love Bloodshr3d. Get some extra Glycerol from something like BZRK perhaps. Arez Titanium is good for energy and mood. Straight caffeine pills work nicely as well.

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And between my two options which one would you choose?


Why not FullBlitz? It’s Vaso + Stims.
I stack Vaso with Sparta Kraken


When I ran Vasoblitz recently, I just used Focus XT or a cup of coffee. However I was taking a stim break at the time, but I tell ya you will not notice a difference in focus or strength gains using this method, which truly makes this product shine much beyond the sweet sweet PUMP!


Focus XT…Intrresting

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Yeah i gave it a shot and worked surprisingly well, that combo i used in the last week and half, I really liked it!

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Works very well for BrainBridge, Gamer Up, or any other nootropics/get me up based product
Full Blitz + Vaso Blitz is a great combo due to the overlapping ingredients from Vasoblitz to help you reach the dlinical doses of Citrulline, Nitrates, Betaine. Plus Rainbow candy is delicious!


BZRK for sure! The energy/Stamina/Endurance is solid! If you aren’t senssitive to Yohimbine or it’s family, go I AM SUPR3ME


Sadly haven’t tried either, but I’d go with Stim Max simply because you know exactly how much stims youre getting in it


srs question, y buy a stim free product if you need/want to stack it with a stim product?

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That is a great question…


i get if you have a stim, and you want to mild out the stims by 1/2 dosing it, and completing it with a stim free pre.

i did it with my primeval preworkouts (mega pre and mega black)

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That is what I do with Vaso & FullBlitz
1 scoop of each to keep the stims down, but still get the pump ingredient benefits.

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i enjoy a good stim free, with a monster, or bang.

being with Gaspari, a easy to get rtd and PlasmaJet is perfect for me most days.

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I know a lot of people enjoy the C4 Carbonated (200mg caffeine) and a stim free
moderate stim + Pump benefits from the non-stim

It really is a preference thing in the end


The thing is that there is not any one scoop pre with stims that has the profile of vasoblitz for pumps. I know about fullblitz but I do not think that stim profile is top notch. So that’s the deal, searching for a top notch stim or pre stim product to stack with vasoblitz.

Thank you all for you replies gentlemans!


I would not knock it until you try it.
I will let the feedback do the talking, as many on here are loving their stack, or Fullblitz alone.
There are quite a few reviewers/loggers currently taking it.

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Sunday I’ll finally get to try it out

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If you like Ghost Legend, you’re going to love FullBlitz