What’s the benefit of pump sups?

Buying some sups, and on knee jerk reaction I was about to get a pump formula. But it made me wonder if that stuff is even worth it.

Why do you guys use it? I just some personal opinions and stories of the Benefits.

Pump products should still help with endurance too, for the most part. Also there’s arguments that a pump helps bring nutrients to the muscles to help lead to growth, and also to perhaps stretch the fascia and allow for more future growth. Plus it’s fun, and motivating, and if that can push you for an extra rep or set, then that will lead to more gains, just like improved focus can help improve your workout. Maybe even help with the mind muscle connection if you feel the pump in the target muscles while you’re working them.

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Don’t care for them while training for powerlifting. Loved them while bodybuilding, since getting a sweet pump in the gym was half the fun of being there


Thanks for your answers Gents.

Increased blood flow which could seriously benefit muscle contractions if muscle glycogen is low and/or increased stamina in that muscle, nutrient partitioning, added psychological benefits, aesthetics. Probably more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Personal note - I enjoy the engorged feeling of a pumped muscle, it definitely motivates me to push harder but also leads to increased stamina, IMO. Easier to work out with a lump than with a completely depleted muscle.

UPDATE: Glycerol can be a powerful addition to a “pump” stack.


I’ve always classified pump products as 2nd tier, “fun” supplements I.E. supplements that should not be purchased if one has a strict budget in place or is only looking for basic staples (Protein, creatine, fish oil, etc.).

That being said, it’s already been touched on above that they can make workouts more enjoyable, more fruitful in some cases, and may possibly benefit hypertrophy to a small degree. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of taking pump products for upper body days and foregoing them for leg days as my preference. I remember the good ‘ol days of PES High Volume and iForce HemaV02 as the kings of the pump.


PES High Volume was my first dance with nitrates.

To your point, they’re second tier supps. Pumps are best generated via carbs and probably creatine. : )

You read my mind with the suggestions- Any other recommendations, from everyone else?


I’m a fan of NovaPump…and NovaPump Neuro.