What is the one supplement you buy today with a gift card

First…thank you to the PP gentlemen for the Gift Card. Greatly appreciate that and the work you do no the Site.

Now let’s be realistic that Gift Card is going to my wife - but if you had a gift card to apply to a supplement purchase or 2 - what would you buy with it? Just curious…and for discussion purposes…

I would have gotten Furian Xtreme since its on sale 50% off(17.50), and has a really nice dose of a bunch of stuff including paradoxine, which looks very interesting and theacrine.
Of course I was already sold on everything but the original price and when I saw the sale bought 2, so your mileage may vary on it.
Failing that or another nice deal casein protein which is delicious.

I’m a huge fan of BLR’s Follidrone 2.

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Thank you gentlemen