What favorite supplements do you miss?

The Old School Supplements topic by @Brawn got me thinking about something a little close to it.

We all have some supplements in the past decade and change that was cancelled or discontinued for whatever reason. It could’ve been a forced reformulation, wasn’t selling enough, brand going in a different direction, etc. But these were our all-time favorites and we had some fondness for them.

I’ll start the trip down memory lane.

My favorite amino product ever is VPX Power Shock. Those not familiar with this one, it was a BCAA+EAA blend that also had BCAAs bonded with nitrates. Though it’s discontinued for several years now, there’s a couple of sites that still have it stocked, including FitRx.

Shout out yours and what did you love about it?


Ugh. Till this day I think about OG Platinum Labs Defcon 1. It was so good that I even notified priceplow to do a review on it.

My #1 preworkout of all time.
Great, smooth and explosive energy, best focus I’ve ever had, good feels all around.

After they “reformulated” and released the 2nd strike, it’s never been the same. They removed PEA and added higenamine and synephrine, and somehow it’s not even close. To this day… I wonder what was the magic ingredient in the supplement…

Btw, I have to stop going on these forums after having a few drinks, I’m pretty sure my grammar/punctuation is way off

Re-Feed was great from GNC, really wish I used it more. Bpi Blox tasted great, too bad they are getting rare.

I’m sure someone will mention Jack3d and OEP lol

I miss the original ENGN pre-workout with picamilon. Just had an interesting feel. I probably miss picamilon more than the pre ENGN.

Easy one… BIG ! It was made by Joe Weider. Very old school but it was a chocolate malt flavor protein/weight gainer. It tasted so good, it was addictive. I could finish a whole container in half a day easy if I wanted to, it tasted that good.

Oh, its not really a supplement but an energy drink and that was Muscle Tech’s Energy Tech - it was a cola flavored energy drink. It came in cola, cherry cola, and lemon lime flavors.

Oh man, Picamilon in general. It’s a shame that they went after it and nobody defended it. My interpretation of DSHEA is that it’s a combination of two DSHEA-compliant compounds, so it should be compliant itself.

I’ll tell you boys what. I’m not sure how much it’d cost, but if I ever got to millionaire status with a few hundo to spare, maybe I can take that fight on. Because it’d be the right thing.


Got a tub of DMAA Jack3d in the freezer, but I think it’s from later in the game when they ‘toned it down’ a bit. Sour Cherry flavor I think.

Will bust it out with the guys for a fun throwback YouTube video at some point.

MP Assault was a personal favorite

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Omega Sports Strive and Driven Sports Craze to an extent

One of the earlier versions of MP Assault was definitely a solid pre-workout. It was one of the first pre-workout I ever tried though so maybe it has sentimental value because of that. However, I do think the performance benefits from the original Assault beat a lot of what’s currently on the market now. There was something to the endurance effect. The flavoring was often hit or miss though.


Oh yeah that was really good stuff

Ultimate Orange in the 90s when it still had ephedrine. I remember when the military stores banned selling it. Now that I think of it, that was probably my first pre-workout.

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