Wakefullness/Alertness Nootropic Suggestions

Hi Everyone. So i’m looking for suggestions on some different nootropics to keep myself awake for third shift that I’m on right now. I was off for a little while, but now i’m trying to get back into it and am having issues with stuff sticking.

I usually religiously drink one to maybe two cups of coffee a day, but i’ve taken a break the past couple days. I found that caffeine pills, which usually wake me right up and keep me going for several hours, didn’t have any effect when I took it recently.

I’ve also been chewing nicotine gum, which has been helping a lot when i’ve used it, is starting to lose potency since i’ve been using it a few days straight now on shift. Before I would just take it very sporadically and seldom, which i think helped keep its’ effectiveness.

I do also have some Modafinil, which I’ve taken a couple times before. The first time it didn’t help keep me awake at all. The second time it didn’t really help with general wakefulness, but would wake me up when I was getting close to nodding off. It caused some weird pressure/sensations in a couple different parts of my brain that i’ve never felt before.
I’m kind of weary to take it because i’ve heard it will keep you up anywhere from 8-12 hours, and I only think to take it a few hours into my shift and I try to sleep right after my shift is over.

Anybody have any recommendations on any other possible stimulants/nootropics that I could cycle with these to help with wakefulness and alertness/motivation?

It sounds like you’re trying to substitute Nootropics for sleep… And that you’ve built up a stim tolerance.

Have you taken a break from stimulants for longer than a week lately? How much sleep are you getting?


Agree with @BigHoop65

I used to work swing and grave shift and you just have to plan out your 24 hours differently for sleep, work and down time.

I always found going to sleep right after a grave shift did not work for me. I would typically stay up a few hours after my shift then go to sleep to get my 8 hours and wake up 2-3 hours before the start of my next shift.

Hydration might be another thing worth looking into. Get in some extra salt and other electrolytes.

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And to his point about hydration. Magnesium is a crucial electrolyte in this case.

I start work at 2pm by choice myself.


@BigHoop65 Not trying to substitute. Just trying to feel awake on my overnights, switching back and forth from my weekend and workweek. Just took a couple week break from caffeine, the moda i only take once or maybe twice a week, and the nicotine gum as needed maybe a few days a week.

@Devin_Foley I did that at one point. I usually go to bed around 9 and wake up around 1 or 2, which gives me some time to make calls, go places during business hours, or go to the gym (if it’s during the week). I could probably do what you do on days i don’t have anything during business hours, and as long as the gym is still open later.

If I’m slow right now I’m sorry… But I’m not wrapping my head around whether or not your sleep schedule is geared to get you adjusted to your work schedule.

If you’re trying to stretch your days into your work, then there isn’t a supplement in the world that can safely do that for you.

The stim break should do you some good… But right now your body isn’t taking no for an answer when it comes to your sleep.

So you sleep only four to five hours a day?

@BigHoop65 Not really trying to stretch my days. I just want to feel awake on my overnights, because I go back and forth from being awake during the day on my weekends, and being awake on overnights on my workweek.

@Devin_Foley I try to take a few hour nap before my shift most days, but some days i’ll only sleep that much. Plus trying to fit in gym time to get to the gym while it’s still open is tough if i’d go to sleep in the afternoon and wake up later at night.

If you’re going to sacrifice longer consistent sleep for other things and a nap here and there, don’t be surprised when your body doesn’t perform as well as you expect during your work shifts.

Seems you are looking for a solution to a problem but are unwilling to change your lifestyle to achieve that solution and just want a pill or powder to fix your issues.

Good luck

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Yeah, I’d really advise either getting a job that better suits your schedule or getting a schedule that better suits your job. Sleep is something you really can’t replace, despite all my best efforts.

Think it was Jim Wendler that said “if you take creatine every day, but only average 5 hours of sleep per night, you’re a fucking idiot.” Sounds like him, anyway.