VPX Zero Impact Legendary Pumpkin Supreme Protein Bar Review

VPX Zero Impact Legendary Pumpkin Supreme Bar


Legendary Pumpkin Supreme - Being I am a huge basic B, I had some high hopes regarding this bar since I love everything pumpkin. Sad to say this is just as bad as Quest Pumpkin which is one of the most bland and disgusting tasting things I have had. This protein bar had no flavor to it at all that resembles pumpkin. Overall the bar is chalky, bland, and provides no flavor. There are small little pieces scattered throughout the bar that provide no flavor just a crunch to the soft texture. I can’t say enough bad things about this bar but to avoid at all costs. Invest in Fitjoy Pumpkin or Oh Yeah One Pumpkin bars above this one.


These bars are extremely soft. You can puncture them with your fingers just touching them. They are easy to break and very convenient for those who like to eat them right out of the wrapper. You won’t need to microwave these to get them to taste better (like some bars on the market). If these were around in hot or humid climates I am curious to see if they would melt a bit due to how fragile and soft the bar is. Overall if you like a very soft protein bar this fits the bill.


200 Calories
9g Fat
18g Carbs
20g Protein

Protein Blend is : WPI, MPI, Calcium Casein, and Hydro WPI
Fat Matrix : Sunflower butter, almond butter, and almond oil
Iso-Malto oligosaccharide (100% natural pre-biotic fiber), ground cinnamon, pumpkin powder, sea salt, stevia

Its a great profile to a protein bar, but given how this tastes it is hard to justify trying to scarf these down.


Around $27 for a box of 12. Given the formula of the product it is much better then a majority on the market that have a lot of artificial sugars and flavors. Seeing these are a touch higher then quest bars, oh yeah one bars, my bars, nitrotech crunch, and other top selling brands I would have to shy away from these after my experience with this flavor. These are a touch higher per bar then most bars on the market.

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