VPX Bang Rainbow Unicorn Review

VPX Bang Rainbow Unicorn Review


VPX Bang Rainbow Unicorn


Rainbow Unicorn - Upon getting this I was quite confused on what a Rainbow Unicorn would taste like. When I took my first sip there is a variety of flavors that hit your taste buds. At first I got a kiwi vibe, and then in the aftertaste I had an array of fruity flavors. Those fruity flavors ranged from strawberry, a hint of mango, and dragonfruit. This is the most complex flavor Bang has produced becuase it will leave consumers guessing what it truly represents. I personally really like this flavor. With a large diversity of flavors I could see this being a huge hit, or a miss. The best way to describe this flavor is like eating skittles. You taste a rainbow of flavors that may leave you guessing what it actually is. I personally really like this and find it very refreshing.


~300mg Caffeine
Bang is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. There is a reason why the formula is not something you would see as a top tier pre-workout. With a long listing blend it is hard to say how much COQ10, BCAA’s, and Creatine you are truly getting. For an on the go, and affordable drink the real reason people buy it is for flavor and caffeine.

$23.99/Case for a new flavor that has not hit many stores yet it is a good price. You can wait a few more weeks if you want to try to get it in stores, but there is no ETA on when any Brick & Mortar will carry it.

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Thanks for putting it into words, Bob. I will probably never buy a Bang, so it helps to hear what it would taste like if I did!


For those that grew up around the same time as me (90s and early 2000s) remembers ‘suicide’ soda mixes. That’s what the description makes me think of.


I’ve been hearing this a lot this past week. I love the nostalgia of doing it


Taste to me like a Watermelon Strawberry with a hint of kiwi. There’s a bit of sourness in the aftertaste.

7 out of 10 for me, they’ve done better flavors


I didn’t like it.