VMI Sports L-Carnitine 1500 HEAT Review: Feel the Heat!

VMI Sports L-Carnitine 1500 HEAT Review: Feel the Heat!



Do you feel the added “heat” is kind of a gimmick or placebo effect ? L-Carnitine will work on its own if diet and training is in check.


I personally think yes, mike even said himself he just loves to sweat. I believe he acknowledges that the calories burned from sweating itself are minimal at best, but rather the preference of liking the heat is sort of a psychological thing. I like it as well, when I start sweating, I start working harder to sweat more, so getting a kickstart on that early in the workout is nice


Yeah, I do think its just a “gimmick”. I sweat so much now I don’t need anything that makes me sweat more…LOL


I LIKE the heat. When I am in a big calorie deficit, it’s hard for me to stay warm (especially at 5:00am in the morning when I do fasted cardio). The GBB and thermos help warm me up faster.
It accelerates my heart rate and gets me sweating faster.

Warms up the joints and muscles, which makes a 50min cardio process much easier in my opinion. Could it all be psychological? Possibly - but it works for me. : )

@Brawn if you get down to super low levels of body fat, I think you might change your mind. I too sweat enough when I’m maintaining a good energy balance. In prep though, I am always cold due to lack of energy/food.


Yeah, I haven’t been contest lean since 2007. I plan to compete next year so I may have to look into the heat then.