Vitamin D For Sleep: 50,000IU Once Every 2 Weeks?!

Wonder how they came up with the design on this study… 50000IU once every 14 days… weird. But it seems to have worked.

Vitamin D has a half life of about 2 weeks.

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So if lock myself in a chamber with no windows for 2 weeks, then go hardcore tanning once every 2 weeks, would that work as well?

Lol jk, interesting though

Interesting… I take 10,000IU every day (MN winters get long) and notice a slight difference if I stop taking it for a week or so. Will have to monitor sleep habits and see if there is a major difference.

Would be a lot easier just to take 50k all at once I suppose, pending it does indeed stay in your system that long.

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I’ve never heard of taking it every two weeks before. However, I have heard before that when a doctor is trying to correct someone’s vitamin D deficiency, instead of dosing every day, they’ll do 30,000+ IU twice a week. Apparently it’s possible to get better absorption with less frequent dosing.

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