Vinpocetine: Enhanced Blood Flow to Your Brain

Vinpocetine: Enhanced Blood Flow to Your Brain


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Vinpocetine is a little mentioned nootropic that enhances cognitive function and learning via increasing blood flow to the brain. Over the past few months since jumping down the nootropics rabbit hole, we’ve covered some of the most popular, and frequently encountered, ingredients including tyrosine, choline, and phenibut. But, there’s additional… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


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I tried this from the local health food store after reading the PP post. Dosing at 5 mg one per day without taking much else at the same time, did feel a lot of oxygen. Sort of like the feeling of yawning and every thing is sharp for a while. This would be great for Alzheimer’s patients and people with mental acuity problems. Was not a stimulant.


Interesting! During training or just at desk/study/whatever?


Office work and driving. There’s a “sharpness” but no real observable enhancement other then increased oxygen. It might be subtle so i’m putting into my long term rotation at about 1 to 2 mg a day. Even 5 mg was a little too much like I had just yawned five seconds earlier.