Vic's Nutrabio Pre Cherry Limeade Review

Vic's Nutrabio Pre Cherry Limeade Review


Over the weekend I was able to try out my Nutrabio Pre Cherry Limeade flavor I received as part of the sample giveaway recently. Thanks again to @Kon_Rock for the opportunity. I am a self proclaimed stim junkie and was excited about trying out such a clean profiled preworkout after having used exotic stim profiles almost exclusively as of late. I have always respected Nutrabio for their transparent labeling, as they have seemingly pioneered the transparent label move seen by many companies today.

I got my tub labeled “Lab Sample” in the mail just a few days ago. I was excited to see that it had 4 total servings in it, which was certainly a gracious sample offering by Nutrabio. I was only expecting a single sample.

I decided to give Pre a go for a chest/shoulder day. My coworker and I currently do a 4 day workout split, which works best with our work schedule as we lift right before our shift. We alternate between two upper and lower days a week, focusing on the big three compounds and other accessory lifts to accent the squat, bench, and deadlift. Each week progresses in sets and reps, starting at 2 sets of 15 and eventually making its way to 6 sets of 3 reps. We are currently working 5 sets of 4 reps, so the workout gets a bit grueling and lengthy.

I mixed my Pre with 14 ounces of cold water, which was the high end of the directions on the label. About an hour previous to downing it, I had my usual pre-workout meal of egg whites and oatmeal. I’m a creature of habit haha.

As you can see in the photo, it mixes up to a light reddish/ pinkish color. It mixed easily without a shaker ball, leaving very little sediment on the bottom. The taste was pretty damn good I must say. I come from a group who remembers drinking the shitty tasting pre’s and protein shakes several years back. I could care less how something tastes, as long as it works. This however was actually quite refreshing, and the stims and other ingredients were masked very well. I’m not an expert on Cherry Limeade flavors, but one thing I would say is I got no cherry flavor out of it whatsoever, as the lime was overwhelming. Not a bad thing in my opinion, but just something to point out.

Onto the feelings: I am likely plenty saturated with Beta Alanine, thus I don’t tingle at all from the clinical dose in this stuff. I drink my pre on the way to workout, and by the time I had arrived, I felt pretty dialed in and focused, ready to get it done.

After a short walk on the treadmill, I warmed up my upper body with some light cable work. The pump profile in Pre is no joke, as I immediately started feeling my arms and shoulders getting a serious pump. This obviously carried on into the whole workout, which focused on bench press, overhead presses, and some accessory stuff.

The energy and focused stuck through my whole workout with no crash. I felt great to start my work day and the focus carried on for a few more hours into my shift. Overall, I think Nutrabio Pre is a well balanced preworkout that is work a look for anyone. As said above, I am attracted to stuff with exotic stims, but I can’t say I missed my DMHA or Amp Citrate during this workout. Maybe the focus I receive from those wasn’t entirely there, but this just felt cleaner as the workout went on. I truly enjoyed getting a chance to try this stuff out.

That’s my first forum review, so hopefully it gives a decent glimpse into my experience. Thanks again to Nutrabio and the PP Forum for the opportunity.

NutraBio Takes Top-Rated PRE Workout to Cherry Limeade

Great review man, glad you were able to try this out for us!

This flavor is great and defiantly has a good lime touch to it. Like you said just refreshing :slight_smile:
And love that you had a great experience with PRE, it’s power packed!

Thanks for this and enjoy the rest of the servings…appreciate this!!!

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I’m extremely impressed to hear this was your first forum review! This was very detailed, and your accounting of the difference between this product and the exotic stims you’ve been using was clean and impressive. As someone who has dabbled in exotic stims I 100% agree that a blend of therapeutic doses like PRE can result in a cleaner focus that might leave you wondering why you dealt with the increased heart-rate, nervousness or anxiety that some of the more hard hitting stims can bring along.

Your point about flavor was refreshing for an internet forum. I’m only 26, so I can’t claim to have been around for when these products didn’t taste good (although I remember 5-6 years ago it being nothing like the flavor systems of today). That being said, I am an athlete that focuses on function and if I need to choke down some disgusting powder to increase results, I’ll gladly take that. Being able to bring together an impressive ingredient profile with a refreshing cherry limeade taste is amazing to me. During the taste testing for this flavor system I found myself thinking that I’d probably enjoy drinking this all day long during hot seasons. Thankfully we make EAA Pure in this flavor, or the caffeine would definitely add up quickly doing that.

Glad you like it! I think with the remaining 3 servings you’ll love it even more.