Velositol: Enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis with Science

Velositol: Enhancing Muscle Protein Synthesis with Science
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What is Velositol? Velositol is a unique chromium / amylopectin complex that increases muscle protein synthesis (MPS) when combined with protein and exercise. It is GRAS affirmed[1] (generally regarded as safe) at the recommended serving of 2 grams per day in protein drinks (including ready-to-drink and powder), meal replacement bars,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


More than a year ago I was using Faktrition Keto Whey Protein and it had Velositol.


I am still very unconvinced, If it ends up being really cheap it might be worth it but I am not convinced it is going to do much vs say 2 grams of maltodextrin and some chromium.


A keto whey, along with an ingredient that is supposed to spike insulin


If companies are charging higher for protein due to velositol, I would not pay and the data still isn’t much.


Doesn’t seem like BN labs is a great deal. Olympus Endure BCAA also has a high dose, perfect for the post workout timing