Vegun Nutrition's VeganMass: A Vegan Athlete's Dream Come True

Originally published at: Vegun Nutrition’s VeganMass: A Vegan Athlete’s Dream Come True

Vegun Nutrition has entered the stage with a knockout meal replacement protein powder for all vegans! The Vegan Diet is one of the fastest-growing movements in the history of nutrition. A growing mass of plant-driven dieters have claimed better health, longevity, and body composition when going vegan — and some… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Looks like a well designed product, pretty steep in price(80$ for 4 pounds, or ~4$ a serving) so it is going to have to taste good, but if they are aiming it primarily at vegans they should have some leniency.

It doesn’t look like a good overall market competitor given MRE exist, and is already considered rather pricey.