Vegan Gains YouTube Shut Down

Vegan Gains YouTube Shut Down


Does he deserve another chance?

Wonder what he did… in another Tweet he mentions “youtube put a strike on an old video of mine titled “a whole lot of stuff”. I can’t even remember what was in the video and I have no way of disputing the strike. If anyone can help please contact me.”


I guess you could say he has a BEEF with YouTube? :wink:


Maybe it was the multiple times he made fun of people for dying/suicide/cancer? Yelling that someone who died young of cancer deserved it? The guy is an ass, and I’d wager that’s a justifiable reason to be banned. Mocking suicide is not really a laughing matter in today’s society. Plus his advice is terrible, so it’s not like we’re losing a useful YouTube channel anyway.


He also gave two completelu opposite/conflicting stories of why he became a vegan within a six month span.


And holding an AR while saying he’s going to mass murder Muslims. Joke or not, that could technically warrant much more than a YouTube channel being taken down. That’s not the only time he’s talked about (mass) committing mass murder if the videos showing his clips are legit.


I don’t agree with him but I’m also all for hearing different opinions. I haven’t really kept up with him but if the violent threats you mentioned are true, I think YT is a better place without him


Watch these two videos:


Did you get a chance to watch the videos?


Isn’t this person’s sole living on YouTube based on bashing others who don’t follow a vegan lifestyle?


In this case no.

Like this isn’t a case of a few too many off color jokes, this is years of extremely toxic behavior catching up to him.

Edit: Apparently he has removed over 300 videos that he thought may have violated community guidelines in the past.


Yes, and I see he’s definitely not a positive influence on the community to say the least. I say keep him gone, and let’s all enjoy some steak to celebrate


The only semi-legitimate defensive I’ve heard from his supporters is that those were old videos and he’s since matured. So if he took down all the videos and promised not to do it again, maybe they’d let him back on YT?

But then I see idiots saying that he’s entitled to some slack becase he’s done “good for the vegan movement.” That’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Much better and more productive people then him have had their careers derailed for doing much less wrong than he has.


Bashing, mocking, and threatening. Don’t forget the threatening.


Yeah he’s a shit person who doesn’t deserve a platform to speak on.


I do not follow YT personalities, but after doing some research on this guy it makes sense to me why he got shut down. We live in a society now of people not understanding consequences to their actions, and it turns out just spewing your opinions and saying whatever you want then wondering why you are getting shut down and no longer supported is a great example. I do not think Vegans need people on YT to tell them why they should do it to begin with, if you cannot come up with a reason yourself then you need to do some soul searching! Good riddance to another bigot, who needs em!


Here’s my angle:

Right now vegan diet is the “big food establishment’s” dream diet. Nearly all of the food is highly processed and insanely profitable! (Amongst other things, I could go further but let’s leave it at that for now.)

YouTube, being part of said establishment, can’t be letting this clown mess up their good friends’ next gravy train. They instead need to make vegan look good. Which is kinda tough in the long term, given the teeth falling out problem and all… but still, this joker wasn’t helping.


And it appears he is back


If he’s taken down the offending videos and doesn’t cross that line again, whatever. He’s an arrogant douche nozzle, but if all he’s doing is giving stupid information (not threatening people and whatnot) then there are a lot worse YTers than him really. More steak and eggs for me!