VasoBlitz use today (and wait Kabuki Strength guy?)

VasoBlitz use today (and wait Kabuki Strength guy?)

Ok folks…I know how much you missed my ramblings…

Today…last day of ‘Ultimate Arms’ AthleanX workout - heavy volume arm day (think @Matt_Towson territory )

In any event, I used Kraken Extreme Pre (Bombsicle flavor - 2 scoops bruh) and…only one scoop of VasoBlitz. Now…this is only the 2nd time I’ve truly utilized VasoBlitz for my training. Strange as it may seem and and as much as I really like Kraken…adding VasoBlitz into the mix was ‘next level’ (how am I doing on the hip terms?). My arms were not only pumped, but I could not get tired…crazy stuff.

Then I come to realize that VasoBlitz is from the Kabuki Strength guy, Chris Duffin. I’ve heard him on Joe DeFranco’s podcast and never put 2 and 2 together…great stuff.

You may now return to your regular programming.


I’m flattered. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh shit, i never realized–i used to love watching/ listening to Chris Duffin.

You reckon he was the one running the BFF account on here? Probably not, eh?


Probably not, Matt Coleman seems to be the main guy there.

Vasoblitz is great and as of right now it’s my favorite pump product. I like Ghost Pump for the effectiveness but the flavors on Vasoblitz aren’t as strong which is why I’m starting to lean towards it a little more. Nothing ruins a product for me more than an overpowering flavor.


One thing I have been wondering. Since VasoBlitz states to run it every day in order to flood your system with the ingredients, would this work for all pump products? For example if I wanted to compare, CelluVol to Vasoblitz, should I just run CelluVol daily? Up until VasoBlitz I have never run a pump product each day, but now I am seeing the benefits of doing just that. What are everyone’s thoughts?


It’s due to the Nitrates in the VasoBlitz, so for the love of god, no to the Celluvol. That’s an expensive everyday product :flushed:, unless of course you have that kind of disposable income to support that consistently.

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okay gotcha, i assumed it was due to specific ingredients. haha, nope not at that level of disposable income… yet :slight_smile: thanks @Nappy_Nerd