Vasoblitz log(blue raspberry)

So I will be logging vasoblitz by build fast formulas, this was given to me, and allot of other people for free in exchange for the log. As usual my logs/reviews tend to be fairly critical, so keep that in mind

The product is stimulant free containing
115 mg vitamin C
6 grams of L citruline
2.5 grams of betaine
2 grams of arginine nitrate
and 2 grams of calcium lactate

The formula is mainly centered around pumps with the standout being the 2 grams of arginine nitrate, a huge dose which I am a big fan of.
The other interesting bit is the calcium lactate which to my understanding is there to help with calcium signaling.

Overall the formula is good, its a bit simple, but it ranks fairly highly in the stimulant free category in my opinion. I did question them giving out so many in such a short time since it doesn’t seem to have anything for people to grab on to, but it seems they are banking on the accumulative effects of the nitrates, which is a unique angle.

I will be properly starting this log tomorrow.

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thank you for logging!

The calcium lactate is primarily used for the Lactate salt. Lactate is a muscular and cerebral fuel source.


Bit late on the update, I am primarily going to review the flavor in this post

The flavor when I first tried it tasted like a generic blue raspberry, with cold water it actuly is much better then I first thought, it actuly taste like something that could be a soda if it was a bit sweeter and carbonated.

The texture is pretty good as well, it mixes well and only has a very minor grit to it, overall I would rate it as great for a preworkout, decent for a soda.

I have been fasting over the past few days so I don’t want to review the pump until I can go all out and have the carbs. In terms of endurance its been pretty good I can get though a few miles of walking, or mowing the lawn fairly easily, so my opinion on it is so far pretty good.

This guy seems to have disappeared?


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Sorry about the lack of updates here, life has kind of gotten in the way and I haven’t been at the gym too much recently.

So to catch up

Week one, had a few rather poor workouts for reasons unrelated to the product(lack of sleep, lack of energy, ect) and managed to pull one of the muscles in my arm, which make working out difficult. I didn’t have too much to say about the product since I hadn’t had a good workout with it yet, and I felt it would be unfair to try to talk about it.

Week two
Still recovering from that pulled muscle, and hurricane lane hits. Power intermittently goes out, there are several flood warnings through out the days and it is raining like genesis, which prevents me from walking down to the gym, so I just wait it out. No real damage thankfully.
Didn’t get back into the gym for a bit since it messed up my groove.

Finally went back to the gym.
Exercises are in short
Curls, with a few sets only doing the top part of the rep to focus on the bicep
Tricep pulldowns
The exercises in this video from James Vest
My Favorite Exercises for HUGE Forearms - YouTube
Leg press mainly because its there
A few sets of incline bench press
and finally pulldowns

I like to throw in some blood flow restricted training since it has some good research and is much easier on the joints, which seems to be a family problem. Its a good addition to a program and I highly recommend it.

Going to get back into the gym, and continue the log, sorry again for the lack of updates.

Dudes! What does Calcium Lactate do? Why is it good in a pre?