USPlabs Vitamer PRO - A "Less is More" Multivitamin!

USPlabs Vitamer PRO - A "Less is More" Multivitamin!


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Since When Does a Multivitamin Become News Worthy? USPlabs brings a less-is-more approach to the multivitamin category. USPlabs delivered a new multivitamin to its lineup today, and in doing so, called out almost all other companies who “overdose” their multivitamins. Several years after the comedown from the era of OxyELITE… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Interesting approach. Leave it to my local Dallas companies to try something out of the ordinary.


For certain nutrients (b12 and vitamin d) I very much would like allot more the the RDA, as the RDA isn’t(always) based on what you should intake for health, its based on the amount you need to avoid a disease state.


I agree that a low dose multi is typically all that is needed however the forms, price should be equally a part of that. I am curious on that $20 price and why not use chelated minerals especially if you’re asking $20 for less than your competition.