Universal CarbRite Diet Bars - 12 Bars (Toasted Coconut) for $1.89 at Walmart! [EXPIRED]

Universal CarbRite Diet Bars - 12 Bars (Toasted Coconut) for $1.89 at Walmart!

Comment from PricePlow

These unique bars have 21g protein and have been around forever! They’re using glycerine as the binding agent. This is a sugar alcohol with lower glycemic impact (less blood sugar spike) than regular sugar. Thanks to the low-fat nature, it’s also pretty low-calorie.

With soy and so much sugar alcohol, we would eat only one per day, but that’s what gets a lot of low-carb dieters through!

Deal Criteria for Universal CarbRite Diet Bars:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $1.00 per Bar
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $0.75 per Bar

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This deal, when offered by [BariatricPal LLC], is for a single bar, not 12, which I had to find out from experience. Several months ago when I purchased several orders of them I had to wait out a lengthy shipping process, only to be sent 1 bar per order (at $3-4 each). I contacted customer service, which initially told me that they were not going to issue a refund, as they thought it was obvious that the offer wasn’t for a box of bars…Had to speak to several different representatives before they would issue me a refund for the bars I never received.


Same here but they didn’t give me too much trouble during the returns process.

Any way to fix this in the Matrix @Mike ?

Not currently sure how we can block just these. Will look into it.