Universal Animal Snak Bars - 12 Bars for $23.49 (B1G1 FREE) at Bodybuilding.com! [EXPIRED]

Universal Animal Snak Bars - 12 Bars for $23.49 (B1G1 FREE) at Bodybuilding.com! [EXPIRED]


Universal Animal Snak Bars - 12 Bars for $23.49 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) at Bodybuilding.com!

Comment from PricePlow

If you’re a big eater and are looking for a grown up protein bar for the big boys, then you need to watch our Animal Snak Bar review (after we weighed it out, this thing clocked in at over 400 calories!) and check this deal out!

Deal Criteria for Universal Animal Snak Bars:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $1.25 per Bar
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $1.00 per Bar

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@SteelerBill13 weren’t you asking about these, in another thread?


Yessir…it was tongue in cheek because I knew @TheSolution would dive in head first…

I have MRE Bars, PES Bars and SinFit Bars…Any more bars and I’m giving up real food.


i know you a man of convenience with your food, but 99% of all bars suck (whether it be profile, taste or texture) imo



Oh trust me I know. I don’t eat them that often - usually while traveling and on a plane…other than that (reaches for Starbucks Iced Venti White Mocha) it’s ‘real’ food…


Jumped on this. First purchase I’ve made on that site for a very long time…


Damn, I just paid more for some but if they’re as good as everyone says I’ll grab some more.


Anyone know if there’s an additional 10% off coupon floating around? I suck at finding them.


HY7C5TR is active


Trigger pulled thanks to you good sir. Two boxes of Snak bars, two boxes of Syntha 6 crisp bars on the way. Also my first bb.com order in no idea how long!


Missed this one, damn. These are great bars.


Know when this expires? Would be cool to put into our system



U63DNCP expires on July 5th, 2018