Underrated DMAA Research Study

Underrated DMAA Research Study


25mg DMAA.

The peak DMAA concentration for all subjects was observed within 3–5 hours following ingestion and was very similar across subjects, with a mean of ~70 ng∙mL-1. Heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature were largely unaffected by DMAA treatment.

But here’s what I find interesting:

These findings indicate a consistent pattern of increase across subjects with regards to peak DMAA concentration, with peak values approximately 15–30 times lower than those reported in case studies linking DMAA intake with adverse events.

So… what were those “adverse events” all about? Random gene mutation where you can’t handle DMAA… or maybe… they weren’t following the label? Hmmmm…


Thanks for posting! This was published 4 years ago, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. But I agree with not following labels. Someone once told me he heard one of the people who died had taken about 15 scoops of jack3d.


One AER I knew of, I thought was 7 scoops of Jack3d? Morons.



I took three scoops of this spread out during a powerlifting meet earlier this year. Definitely felt like I was having an AER.


I don’t think I’ve seen that product before. What is it? Did you like it/did it work? And yes, 3 scoops does sound rather excessive for one day.


Just to be devil’s advocate “BKS, KGH and RJB have received research funding from USPlabs, including this study. These contracts paid for direct and indirect costs, as well as salary. USPlabs has also paid for the article-processing fee. This study was funded by USPlabs, who was consulted in the design of the study.”