Total War Discussion

Total War Discussion


The only preworkout that has gotten shittier over 4 versions. No nice way to say it. So, anyone have any ideas on how to improve the formula that RC1 might take to heart? Hard for them to justify keeping the same price point for something constantly losing value. I see no way they can rationalize not adding some nootropics like what’s in Big Noise to replace all the exotics they cut


Anyone have a photo of all four profiles, like, back to back? I know it’s changed a lot I just haven’t kept up with how.




In order from V1-V4


After the 1st version, I really never got much out of the rest


I never got much out of “exotic” stims minus DMAA in the original jack3d, but in my personal opinion the current formula doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from other preworkouts on the market. I say this with the caveat that I haven’t tried any of the formulations of Total War and generally like RedCon1’s offerings.


RC1 is in the same category as Ghost, to me. Very stylish brand that isn’t really worth the premium charge with the exception of one or two standout products.

Paying for the name and theme, for the most part.


I’d go ghost over redcon 1 anyday


It seems like they almost gave up on their preworkout. They have a ton of flavors, but no innovation at all when it comes to the formula. I get that their approach is to go mainstream, but atleast have a version for the informed consumer. Total War Black anyone? Lol


Ghost is at least delicious, I’ll give them that.


I still have a tub of the original formula. I get a terrible crash off it and not to mention it didn’t come with a scoop :joy: the “rock candy” flavor might be one of the worst tasting supplements I’ve ever had.


Even big noise alone I don’t see much of anything from. I stack it with C4 Ultimate and I enjoy that stack at least.


I never got much out of any version


Without insider knowledge, I’d say the formula changed so they can sell it internationally and again to get it into Vitamin Shoppe.

It’s not going to appeal to the group of diehards that post on these type of forums but to the masses, that shop at VS, or will purchase it based on name recognition.

The best example of this is that POS preworkout bodybuilding dot com put out.


Boom - exactly.


Thanks for posting and discussing this!


Haven’t tried any of the total wars…used fade out thought it was ok. Gotta say one of more entertaining things in industry is team Aaron people be team PJ…redcon seems to be having a loaf of success


I remember receiving some samples through @PricePlow some time ago and enjoyed them. Not sure what version that was back then. Maybe @PricePlow and @RedCon1 should team up again for another sample giveaway…


The first 2 versions were really good with the 2nd being my favorite, but sadly it’s simply nowhere near what it was.