Total War - Blue Coconut Flavor

Total War - Blue Coconut Flavor


This was my first try of Total War Pre Workout. I love trying new pre workouts. I was currently taking Primeval Labs Mega Pre. I can tell you this, I do not like non-stim pre workouts since I work out after work and I work 3rd shift. I have zero energy or drive to get me through my workout. So I wanted to try another stim pre workout. This seemed decent but then again it could be because I was coming off of a non stim product. I will have to give it more time.
When I first opened it, there was a strong smell of coconut. Once I mixed it, all I could smell was berry. The taste was decent but the berry definitely overpowered the coconut flavor for sure. The flavor was okay but I would not get this flavor again.


I have never been pleased with Redcon 1’s flavoring. Seems average at best for most of their products.


Second that. Especially with the diminishing uniqueness and effectiveness of Total War, it’s hard to justify buying their preworkout. And they’re generally mid-high prices. Wouldn’t spend my money on it at this point. But, there is a LE strawberry lemonade slushy that piques my interest


Their flavoring needs an overhaul


Rock Candy total war is for sure on my list of worst tasting supplements I’ve had.


That’s disappointing, they have an impressive list of options


Doesn’t matter the amount of options if the majority sucks :joy:


Probably tastes like low grade donkey piss with some ass flakes thrown in


I bought it because I got a good deal on it and was curious about the flavor. I will probably go back to Kraken next. Kraken is still one of my favorite pre workouts.


If you want some zip from a bunch of beta-2 agonist ingredients, consider Kraken Black. I like it for special occasions but don’t know if I’d want it every day, though.

The Rainbow Candy flavor is INSANELY sweet. Bombsicle missed the mark though.


Do you know if they have a sour gummy flavor ? I enjoyed the Coke flavored one.


Yes, they do. Not sure how it is


Might try that one next.