Top Supplements (Pre/Pump etc...) Suggestion

Top Supplements (Pre/Pump etc...) Suggestion

I’m thinking we need to awaken the ‘Best’ categories once again.

  • Best Pre-Workout for Endurance/Lifting/Crossfit etc…
  • Best pump to look like @Matt_Towson
  • Best protein for @TheSolution to make a YouTube video about



The Norvaline issue has me concerned so I’ve been rocking Axe & Sledge “Hydraulic” (formerly known as Fuel Pump). It’s powering my arm session at this moment and is getting more favor from me than Ghost Pump and VasoBlitz. : )

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Great minds and all…

Axe and sledge huh…clicks open new tab on the internet


Mike has some reviews on their products coming soon. I’ve enjoyed every product Ive used by them!

Im not a carb supp guy (i’d rather just eat them), but their’s has glycerpump included in it - and it was a sick intraworkoit Pump.


I couldn’t see the label on their site. Is that posted anywhere? And what are you using from them?

You and I seem to have very similar tastes thus the reason I ask.

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Would you use it in place of Ghost Pump or VasoBlitz with a ‘stim’ pre-workout like a say Kraken? Asking for a friend.

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Those arms are breaking several firearm laws, just FYI


Gymshark wearer I see!

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Something has to make up for the lack of legs! #teamnocalves


Yeah - it’s definitely stackable because there are no stims. I’ve been rocking Chaos Crew lately for stim or maybe something mild like a C4 carbonated can.

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Maybe a best “bang for the buck” sub category. $56 shipped, too rich for my blood, haha.


Wait for the code…we should have a PricePlow 20% one soon.


Thank you Matt. I sent them an email asking about flavoring.

Which do you prefer? Scorpion? Unicorn? What flavors are those?


I have unicorn but I hear scorpion is better. No clue. : /


Thank you Matt. One scoop or two.


scorpion venom is great! has a kind of sweet berry taste. Have it in fuel pump (now called Hydraulic) and ignition switch. Really enjoy their cinnamon apple pie isolate as well. Just tried their C&C, it’s pretty good, but cin apple pie still my fav. Haven’t tried unicorn blood, but think that ones like a skittles flavor.

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It’s a two scoop serving sir! I’ve used it as well in the past and thought it to be an exceptional pump product


Gaspari Plasma Jet gives me the most unique pump out of everything I have tried. You can always stack it with a traditional pump powder formula to get even more out of it.


Thank you…


Agreed on both fronts. Very effective

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