Tomatidine: The Muscle-Building Nightshade

Tomatoes are one of the most commonly-eaten foods around the world. Over time, scientists have discovered a multitude of natural compounds inside, nearly every one of them beneficial in some capacity. Never did we imagine that one of these compounds inside would be anabolic, though, and could help build muscle. …
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Hoping to see some Black Friday type sales on this. Would definitely be interested in adding it to my Orig1n run down the road. Orig1n by the way has been excellent. Just started month 2. Seriously considering making it a 6 month run. Great recovery and strength gains.

Not sure how much anyone can get the prices down. Everyone we talk to states it's very very expensive. But so was epicatechin in the beginning...

Running Or1gin now, was just hanging with Olympus Labs guys yesterday. Absolutely crushing food and just having a flat-out great month. Feel like I'm filling out, which is the purpose of winter. Stuff has legs for sure.

Then running either LGND or Tomatidine after some wash-out time.

I may pick some up anyway, but I'll at least wait until after the sales season in case a good price pops up. Glad you're enjoying your Orig1n as well. Really started kicking in around week 3 for. Stacking it with K1ngs Blood for the next 8 weeks, then probably Titan. I do have a few bottles of LGND too. Might run that before Titan. Haven't decide yet.

Left unsaid here is that the effective human dose equivalent is .5g or 500mg/day*. Given that, how on earth is this product (100mg/day of "tomatodine") recommended?

I expect better of PricePlow. Did you not notice this, or did you purposely overlook it to sell a product? I have to wonder..


You're right, the HED from that study should be mentioned. We discuss the cost concerns here already and should have explained more deeply. But recall that we used to think you had to load 20g creatine every day for a week or so, turns out you don't. Human equivalent dose of a successful rat study doesn't mean it's the *only* acceptable dose.

So just like 3g creatine turned out to be fine, hopefully some smaller dosage of tomatidine will still show results too.

I hope so too, but I've lost a lot of $ on ordering the latest and greatest, then "hoping" it would work...

The HPLC tests they provided are meaningless. If you want to be guaranteed that what is on the label is in the bottle. First they need to provide an identity test. A test that shows what they are actually using IS indeed what they are using. Then, a 3rd party lab analysis to verify what is in the bottle. these tests are in the CFR 111's and all supplement companies must follow these laws.

After about 30 minutes of research I found that most likely this supplement company is violating this patent. I would guess that if I contacted the owners of this patent and showed them this supplement...they would probably agree with me. UNLESS maybe they licensed it from them.....then it'd be cool

Yep, the distributors of this supplement are definitely violating a patent. However, this is the link to the correct patent application.