Tim Muriello Spazmatic

I’m curious has anyone ever taken Tim Muriello’s Spazmatic preworkout? I bought it and I’ve almost ran through the tub and man it’s awesome granted it’s exotic stim, but hands down one of my favorite pre workouts I’ve ever taken. It’s incredibly dosed,it tastes great and I feel it doesn’t get any spotlight compared to the Total Wars and Krakens of the pre workout world. I know the Priceplow guys have some sort of connection with Tim because he’s been on the channel before I’m shocked they haven’t tried this.

I keep meaning to try it, love Tim, but I keep just…getting other pres first.

Pretty sure they’ve done an article on it. Been a little while now. Not sure if they’ve done a review though.

Tim is a great dude. The problem is he doesn’t have the marketing budget like the Redcon1’s of the world.

if interested, this is an interview I did with him last year when he first launched…


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I’ll give it a listen!

I’m actually SUPER interested in his Chill & Grow, but at $4/serving… I really, really can’t justify it.

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I question CBD stuff, I feel it will only be a matter of time before FDA comes knocking

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Oh absolutely. I just have severe anxiety and an utter inability to take a chill pill, so combining a solution for that with TR-leucine is :ok_hand:

It’s an expensive product for sure. I got his pre for $29.99 so $1 a serving isn’t bad at all. I saw he announced some type of bath bomb supplement :joy: I like he’s thinking outside of the box

Delicious flavor. 400mg caffeine and 100mg DMHA is a great spot for some – kinda like the opposite of the original Kraken (200mg caffeine, 200mg eria+dmha each).

I think Robert has my tub? I liked it. I may need to get it back since he’s over DMHA

I ran Chill and Grow. Enjoyed it at one entire gummy.

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Such a unique product. I hope Tim gains more traction this year with his products.

It’s going to be expensive because CBD is expensive. If you come across cheap CBD, it would be in your best interest to walk away

Wait…is that a bong?

No, its a flower pot clearly.

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LMFAO. I’m done with the Internet for the day

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Yeah, anything that takes away from Big Pharma will end up getting regulated by the FDA. We have been moving a lot of it and hopefully the FDA doesn’t come knocking.

To bad it doesn’t have beta alanine in it otherwise I would of considered trying it.

I don’t see the problem. Beta alanine doesn’t have any acute benefit aside from the tingles. If you want tingles that bad you should just get bulk beta alanine. You’d get a lot more benefit too considering one daily dose wont give as much benefit either. You’d do better with multiple doses a day.

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It seems as thought they’ve taken to Kratom with misinformation and the such. Seems like they moved away from CBD with the amount of publicity and testimonials it’s gotten