Tiger Fitness Experience

Tiger Fitness Experience

Did not really know where to post this, but this is something that I just have to let people be aware of. This was my first time ordering from Tiger Fitness, and I thought the deals were pretty nice. I ordered the BOGO Kraken (Sour Gummy Bear, Cola), MTS Machine Multi, and Core ZZZ. Plus you get the arnold special with all this, so a good deal by itself in my opinion.

This morning I get a text from Randall at TIger Fitness. I figured he was selling something so I ignore it without responding. He states that they ran out of the Cola flavor Kraken and if I would not mind changing it to Bombsicle or Cotton Candy and asked my shirt size. I said either flavor was fine by me, I am XLand no worries. Then he states they are going to send me 3 Krakens (Sour Gummy Bear, Cotton Candy, Bombsicle) for the inconvenience and Randall is going to hook me up with some shirts, shakers, and samples. I was blown away!

Any company can just say we are out, pick a different flavor. This was incredible service, and will keep me going back to Tiger Fitness. So a big shout out and thank you to Randall and Tiger Fitness, truly customer service at an amazing level! Just wanted to share my experience since I know a lot of people have placed orders lately! Amazing!


This is what Marc Lobliner is all about! His goal is to crush BB.com with customer service and not get into a price war with Amazon and BB.com.

Marc will also answer personal emails if you send him one with a question about training, diet, supplementation etc. He also spends a bunch of time on social media doing live Q&A sessions.

Love him or hate him, call him a shill for the whole BCAA controversy or whatever your thoughts about him are, him and his team will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy when you order from the site.

And if all your items are in stock at the Las Vegas warehouse, you can expect your package early next week as well.


I get mine within 24 hours anytime I order from the Loveland location.
Marc is a great dude, and his customer service and his team there do a fantastic job.


Marc and TF are the real deal…


Had similar experience with them on an order a while ago, definitely top notch customer service

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Shit, I shoulda ordered that flavor then!

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I just texted this to Marc. Letting him know!


haha this made me actually laugh out loud!!

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Awesome thanks Matt. Definitely some well deserved recognition for this type of service!

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I’ve never had a less than positive experience with tiger fitness in the 5 years I’ve ordered from them. Expanding their warehouse locations made things even better.

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Tiger Fitness has excellent customer service! I’ve had a few issues in the past and they helped me out without question. They’re expertly ran. Nothing but good things to say about them

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Damn. Ordered mine yesterday. Here it is, about 25 hours later. Insane

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I forgot to post this before my trip to Pittsburgh last week! I got my package like 2 or 3 days after I ordered and it was stacked with goodies.

What i ordered and paid for was Kraken x 2, ZZZ, and the Multi. They hooked me up with 4 T-shirts, 2 shakers, 2 Outright bars (which are F’in delicious), and a ton of samples. Real amazing, I texted Randall (west coast customer service) a big thank you! It is a win win, I will advertise them for free in my gym or on the go, and I get free stuff which I love!! Real impressed here, so wanted to ensure I gave this a proper final shout out! Hope you guys had an amazing experience too!


Interested to see how ZZZ works for you.


They have great T-shirt’s too. I own about 5 of them

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Wow, that’s insane! Never shopped at TF. Wait, I take that back, one time. Makes me want to go browse the site now haha.

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hahah! I got all that just because they did not have one of the flavors of Kraken I requested in stock. Not bad, I’ll just try the Cola flavor some other time!

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I Have always had great customer service from TF… I enjoyed both the Mint C&C and Red Velvet flavors of whey as well.


I’d enjoy it better if it didn’t give me bubble gut.


Matt “sensitive tummy” Towson, J.D. :joy:

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