Thyrovate link broken

The (last)link to on this page is broken.
Myokem Thyrovate | News, Reviews, & Prices at PricePlow

Didn’t know where to report this normally so I’l report it here.

Bummer, sorry about this but thanks for joining the forum to report that!

This must have happened within the past 24h because that one’s checked frequently. Page is now updated with an Unavailability notice.

Man WTF happened to Myokem :frowning: :cry:

Its been broken for a bit, seems to be a minor trend with “Supps” links

Ya its a shame I would have bought it at that price, paradoxine looks interesting and its been getting cold here.
They still seem to have the product its just not carried anywhere but their store, at like 40$.

Well thanks for the reply and tell me if you hear about any good deals on a paradoxine product, I’d love to try one.

Well I do apologize for the inconvenience, but THANK YOU for reporting this. Looks like we have a bug somewhere – for reason that product simply fell through the cracks. Just gotta figure out which crack it was.

Once we get things figured out, I’d like to send you a T-shirt if you’re in the US. PM me your mailing address and size!

Thanks again!