Thoughts on 'animal based protein' vs whey

Thoughts on 'animal based protein' vs whey

Hi all,

I am pretty new to the forum so I apologize if I didn’t post this in the right place or if this belongs in a discussion thread that already exists.

I know the Carnivor beef protein has been around forever but I’m mostly referring to MRE Lite/MRE style products. I don’t think many of them exist at the moment. I saw that Axe + Sledge’s new meal replacement shake features some alternates to whey (beef and maybe egg?).

Do you think that animal protein powders serve as a viable replacement for whey/milk derived protein? With the success of MRE Lite, it seems like there is a huge gap in the market ready to be filled, as no other company makes a animal based protein product like MRE. But MRE has been around for a while and no other companies have stepped up to the plate. Why? There must be a reason that they don’t want to invest in a product like it.

I was pretty curious about some of y’alls opinions on this topic, as I’ve noticed that most people here are pretty well versed regarding supplements and the like.

Bottom line is the protein source is what matters, not the “total protein.”

The issue with “beef” protein in supplements is that it could be beef byproduct (hooves, bones, ligaments, etc…). Redcon1 wouldn’t answer this question for me, so I have no choice but to assume that is the “beef” they are using.

The same goes for chicken, fish, etc… whey isolate has less of this issue. Sure you can have amino spiking, but MRE and MRE Lite are not good options if you’re after quality protein sources.

Home Made only utilizes 1% beef for their meal replacement, with the primary protein coming from whey and egg (not egg byproduct or shells - yes, it’s a valid question).

If the amino profile isn’t listed for an animal based protein product and the company won’t tell you the source of the animal, I’d stay away.

Hope that helps! Some are advertised as “whole food” but it’s really just the same as dog food.


Thanks for your thoughts! The insight is helpful for sure.

Let’s say hypothetically, I could get the amino acid profile for a product like mre. What would you look for that would be telling? I assume if leucine is high enough and the amount of EAA’s in general are up to par, most people would consider it ‘safe’?

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That is a fair way to evaluate it - but I’d also consider the effects of the ingredients and how they could impact your gut and digestion.

I don’t think we absorb and digest bones and hooves as well as sirloin or chicken breast…BUT there might be data that disproves this!

To be blunt, Redcon1 is cheap for a reason. Their whey isolate isn’t even cold-filtrated.

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Anecdotally, I know of many keto-rs who swear by bone broth for digestion.

But I do agree with Matt that the amino profile is likely garbage. They originally promised to release it to PP when MRE was launching, then, notably, did not.

That is honestly a big red flag. The fact that they list the profile on their whey but not their animal protein is probably telling. Especially because I feel that very few people are interested in whey’s amino acid profile, - we’ve seen it 100’s of times. But nobody knows what’s exactly in a proprietary animal protein blend.

Yeah, that’s a crimson flag. To list it for something that you know should be good to go, then not for something where it may not be? That raises questions for sure.

Hah - why I said I could be wrong. Guess I am!

eggs up hoes down




But it’s the truth - and that’s why Proven Egg is on my top recommended protein supplements!