Think Thin Protein Cakes

Think Thin Protein Cakes


I found two out of the three enjoyable. Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake being my favorites. Red Velvet had a strange artificial aftertaste. A box of 9 will set you back $16 bucks. Recommended!


Never heard of them. How do they compare to Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites ?


Similar but better IMO. Red Velvet was my least favorite out of the three


Where do you get those ?


I picked them up at The Vitamin Shoppe


Thanks. I would like to trade our GNC for a Vitamin Shoppe…LOL


@Robert and @CJ guess we gotta get this on the YouTube!!

Just added a product page (Think Thin Protein Cakes), and I used @TheFugitive’s image for it. Thanks Fug!