They actuly honored it

They actuly honored it



That is amazing. Congrats


Holy shit lol Thats awesome, I received my two cases as well


Yes! Go PricePlow tech!!


How did you land this beautiful score! Carb Killa bars are amazingly good!


Long story short they had a bug and were selling boxes at the price of bars, I bought 10 of the 2 flavors available and actuly shipped it.


They did this about a year ago for me. Animal Whey sample size tubs were on BOGO, but the coupon code triggered if you bought the 2lb tubs and adjusted the price to that of the sample size tubs. Which is to say that if you bought two 2lb tubs at $29.99 it would trigger as two tubs at $4.99 each on BOGO.

I got four tubs for like ten bucks plus shipping. They honored it. The absolute madmen.


Got mine too, 20 boxes lol. Thanks @Mike


The White chocolate cookie is great. Taste is similar the Hershey’s cookies and Creme bar


Damn, I am so envious of you both!


Yup - that’s exactly what I thought! I’m one of the weirdos who thinks that it one of the best tasting candy bars around.



Use to devour those as a kid


Holy moly. Very cool that it worked!