Thermoxyn – iForce Nutrition's Next Gen Fat Burner!

UPDATE January 5, 2015: iForce has also released a powdered version of Thermoxyn! See it on our Thermoxyn Powder write-up! Great news for iForce fans dropping some pounds this summer – the long-awaited release of their Thermoxyn fat burner is here! In this post, we’ll get into the ingredients and …
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Between Thermoxyn from iForce Nutrition’s and Dexaprine XR, wich one could be better? or you recommend?

Tough call. Dexaprine XR is soooo strong. You literally need to snap the tablet in half if you don't want to go bonkers. But overall, Dexapriner XR if you can handle doing that. Thermoxyn didn't seem to do as well as the Dexaprine family.