Thermolife suing Compound Solutions over Vaso6

Thermolife suing Compound Solutions over Vaso6

Enjoy, discuss, laugh, or cry below

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Welp. Interesting. Waiting to see this play out


Yea we need to wait and see! Its kinda like Monster vs Bang, they are direct competitors. Many people like Vaso6, so idk. If anything happens update it here!


I miss lurking the TL forums to see read their “opinions”


TL forums?


Also, how do most of these lawsuits end? They sue like one a month. If that information public?


Something i have long suspected with absolutely no evidence.


This is weird becausr I have felt an undeniable and intensely real pump from pure VASO6. In fact almost too much of one that lasted for two days or so. It’s hard to tell whether Thermolife is in the right here with my experiences from using thd ingredient. Although I have never had my VASO6 lab tested. Maybe it’s something priceplow should do.

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Maybe we this means everything patented by compound solutions is illegitimate. Which I hope is not true.


We’ve been waiting for a response from CS on FI. It’s been one day so right now we’re waiting for the dust to settle.

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Due to litigation and lawyers being involved, chances are it’ll be a bit before either side says anything else

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Pretty much what I wanted to say hahaha


CS did a press release but it basically states they are looking into it and they assure partners worldwide they have processes to ensure their products are of the highest quality.


Thermolife used to have their own forums where like maybe 10 users posted, they eventually banned me lol

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Yes I saw that


looks like they gonna put the gloves on!


How exactly does one fake a patent though


my 2 cents…

TL - is scum

VASO6 - never felt anything


I only felt something at 600mg, placebo effect maybe lol


I’ve felt a lot from Vaso6, it’s nitrosigine I’m skeptical about lol.