The Supplement Industry 2017 Year in Review: The 10 Biggest Stories

The Supplement Industry 2017 Year in Review: The 10 Biggest Stories


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Dios mio, 2017 was a rocky one for the sports nutrition supplement industry. What will 2018 bring?! 2017 was one to remember. It was filled with incredible highs and lows that make it one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory. As 2018 dawns, we take a look back… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


What’d we miss?

A couple stories that didn’t make the cut:


Ohhh, I’ll tell you a huge one we missed! Speaking of protein bars…

This massive conversation (full of industry heavy hitters) on the Quest Nutrition layoffs and closing of warehouse space.


I just uncovered this recall after reading the 2017 Year in Review article. I bought the variety pack deal from SUPPZ (it was like B3G1 or B4G1, one flavor each if I recall). Enjoyed the first container well enough. Second container…after one scoop I truly felt like my heart was going to explode. I could not stop shaking. Cold sweats. I’ve used just about every type of pre under the sun in 10+ years of serious training - this was unlike anything ever, and I mean that in the WORST WAY POSSIBLE.

I tossed all the remaining containers long ago. But even if I hadn’t, apparently they were only refunding ONE FLAVOR? Olympus’ response to these complaints read as overly casual, blame-deflecting, and penny-pinching.

I will never buy another Olympus product in my life.


@Mike, amazing article. Very well written. Congratulations on a great year for Priceplow


Thanks!!! But for the record, @Robert wrote the first draft, and then I dumped about another 1500 words into it, and nearly all the links and videos. Glad you appreciated it, it took time


I can’t keep up with all of your roles at Priceplow, but I guess that’s ironic after the “What exactly DO you do?” That I got at dinner in Vegas, lol