The new PCT from Olympus Labs

The new PCT from Olympus Labs


Hey what are your thoughts on using this PCT as a regular for someone who may have low T but not on gear.


I’d look elsewhere. It does have a fair amount of Zinc and I believe Shilajit is underated. If natural test increase is what you’re after, I would try a combination of Zinc, Shilajit, Ashwaghanda, and arguabley Longjack and Fenugreek.

Anecdotally speaking, these have worked decent for me. However, I wouldn’t expect dramatic test increases. If any natural ingredients raise your total test by as little as 30-50 points, that would definitely be the ceiling of results and I would consider it a “win.”

Check out @Mike and I’s Ferodrox review, to help give you an idea of what those ingredients may do for you!